I’m Anamaria, a neuroscientist at Columbia University, and my goal is to translate the science literature for you! I highlight practical uses for the latest brain research, and how it can improve our healthcare, economy, education, and law. A primary concern of this blog is to provide accuracy in scientific findings, and any corrections to my posts are welcomed and encouraged. Please send me feedback at ephysiologist@gmail.com

I’m currently exploring new technologies to improve neurological and psychiatric diseases, to disrupt unwanted habits and boost productivity. My research includes addiction and learning/mood disorders.  Questions I would like to answer:

  • How do we pay attention (focus) in a busy environment?
  • What do we find rewarding (motivating), and also what do we avoid doing?
  • Why do certain details of an experience stay with us (in memory)?

Keep in touch if you are interested in mobile health, education tech, and social media for healthcare