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Creatures of Habit

Ah, the intersection of Business and Psychology- better known as the neuroscience of mind-reading for profit. If we can put a mouse in a maze and predict what path it will take to… Continue reading

The Brain as Interweb

Many people are worried that too much internet use has been altering their thinking patterns. A villainous Cyberspace has been accused of shortening our attention span, eliminating our memorization skills, and overloading us… Continue reading

Choice fatigue

The NY Times‘ most-emailed list showcases an increasingly common malady called choice fatigue. I wish to expand on this question¬†“Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue?” (here)¬†posed by John Tierney. His article addresses what… Continue reading

Brain Muscle

We often hear the term “Muscle Memory” used by fitness trainers…and this is actually a misnomer! The connections strengthened by repeated exercise reside not in the body’s muscles, but in the brain cells… Continue reading