Creative Juices

It is a feverish time for business leaders with mounting pressure to INNOVATE! CREATE! Companies are seeking better ways to get the creative juices flowing, to stay fresh and relevant. Start-up founders, engineers, designers,… Continue reading

Creatures of Habit

Ah, the intersection of Business and Psychology- better known as the neuroscience of mind-reading for profit. If we can put a mouse in a maze and predict what path it will take to… Continue reading

The Brain as Interweb

Many people are worried that too much internet use has been altering their thinking patterns. A villainous Cyberspace has been accused of shortening our attention span, eliminating our memorization skills, and overloading us… Continue reading

Choice fatigue

The NY Times‘ most-emailed list showcases an increasingly common malady called choice fatigue. I wish to expand on this question “Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue?” (here) posed by John Tierney. His article addresses what… Continue reading

Decision Science

Decision science is a safer way to say “neuroeconomics” without evoking the revulsion associated with Wall Street or the advertising industry. Basically, it’s an attempt to predict what people will do. The most… Continue reading

happiness science

Selective attention is one way to be happy according to The Daily Beast‘s recent post (here) about optimists who were placed in an MRI machine to determine how their brains function. The neurology… Continue reading

Brain Muscle

We often hear the term “Muscle Memory” used by fitness trainers…and this is actually a misnomer! The connections strengthened by repeated exercise reside not in the body’s muscles, but in the brain cells… Continue reading


Have you ever wondered why people behave so irrationally in love?    Or even how love leads to violent attachment for some couples? One reason has to do with the brain substrates of… Continue reading

Personality Wars

Grumpy                                                                 … Continue reading